Mildbrown U-Shaped Kitchen

5 fantastic Do’s and Don’t for better kitchen design (it’s here)

Do's and Don't for kitchen design

There are a lot of factors that we need to consider when you plan kitchen design. The kitchen is really important part of the house it should be designed in such a manner which is comfortable for the person using Designer should keep in mind the purpose of kitchen such as cooking cleaning eating drinking and socializing. one should also keep in mind the number of people working in the particular kitchen

Mildbrown U-Shaped Kitchen


Storage the most important factor is storage it helps to access the work in an easier manner rather than leaving space put overhead cabinets right up to ceiling

don’t make mistake by not allowing planning for storage as leaving space will allow dust to gather and will last for more maintenance.


Choosing surface properly is important as it makes work easily done and provide a comfort zone for the person using the length and width is determined by needs of the users. Don’t use a surface which is difficult to maintain as in normal routine kitchen is the part which is mostly used rather it should be easily cleaned and maintained. adding a breakfast bar could allow more feasibility to the house.


flooring plays a vital role choosing a right floor so as to maintain durability cleanness and safety hard stone or ceramic is really safe and good life with low maintains cost wooden floor could look fancy but charge high maintain cost and does not have great life Moreover using tiles can be a bit risky as it becomes more slippery easily

Brown L-Shaped Kitchen

Do's and Don't for kitchen design


Designing a kitchen something slips the backslash from the list this is really helpful by not dragging the steam all around and spoiling the wall and furniture frying a fish and other smelly product needs the backslash most it is just easier to clean the backsplash made of plastic steel than the paint or wallpaper as well as it could lead to higher cost time and efforts in long run


The kitchen should be creative in design and one should keep in mind that the old appliances should not be used should be fresh so as per design don’t style the kitchen with old designs.

CreamBrown L-Shaped Kitchen


the kitchen cannot afford poor lighting as it not only the matter of design but the right direction of light is important don’t use a light behind you as it could cast a shadow on the work place lights under cabinet could be helpful to make counterpart shine properly


The kitchen should be safe as it for you and your family designer should plan a kitchen with all the safety measure such as rounded counterpart slip-resistant floor gas stove and oven should be located adult high to prevent burns safety could be maintained by allowing good visibility to the backyard or open area.


We must remember to have an open window or door so as to have a proper amount of air to pass we should not have an inside opening door or window right above or near to the gas stove

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Do's and Don't for kitchen design
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Do's and Don't for kitchen design
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