A 2 bhk flat design in Lucknow for Rupees 4 Lakhs (with 3d Views)

2 bhk flat design

What will be the Interior Design cost of a 2Bhk flat? We get this question asked a lot. And honestly, it’s a valid question to ask.

You should very well know how much money you will need to make your 2Bhk flat beautiful.

This will help you prepare for the funds in advance and decide whether you want to go for a full-fledged Interior Design or not.

The cost of Interior Design depends on a lot of factors, such as the design of the Furniture, quality of materials, quality of wall paint and wood polish, quality of fabric you use for sofas and curtains, light fixtures and many other things.
We Designed a 2 bhk flat for our client in Lucknow for Rupees 4 Lakhs
Here is 2 bedroom flat design plan and drawing
2 bedroom flat design plans

2 bedroom flat design plans by Decoratespace

Creating a simple yet stylish and immensely functional home does not always require a huge investment. And this 2bhk Lucknow apartment rendered by the interior designers and decorators at Decoratespace interior and 3d Rendering  is an example of that.
With a total volume of 1200 sq ft, this home was designed and furnished in only a lakh! Soothing and bright colours, smart modern furniture and practical storage solutions make this apartment a very comfy and elegant place to live in.
It reflects the minimalist personality of the inhabitants as well as the very contemporary spirit of Lucknow. Ample and trendy lighting also enhance the spaciousness and liveliness of this residence.
2 bhk flat design living room

A 2 bhk flat design in Lucknow for Rupees 4 Lakhs (with 3d Views)

Red Fashionable Modular Kitchen

Red Fashionable Modular Kitchen

Smooth and glossy red cabinets with white flooring as well as counter and trendy appliances are the reasons why this modular kitchen looks spacious, comfortable and welcoming. Minimalism in the designs and adequate lighting add to the attraction of this space. Mosaic tiles in earthy shades line the backsplash for a hint of colour and charm.
Charming Cream Dining Room

Simple but sophisticated Dining Room

An elegant but simple Italian Marbled dining arrangement makes the bright white dining environment seem warm and inviting. Powerful lights add to the breathable and happy ambiance here. But the sleek and large wall unit is what impressed us the most. Done up with wood and glass, it looks stylish, modern and offers ample room for storing crockery, cutlery and expensive dinnerware.

Suite Living Room

Sober and bright Living Room

A gleaming wooden floor, a trendy grey couch and subtly patterned wall-paper make the living space look bright, airy and cheerful. Minimal furnishing has allowed this area to look expansive and open. A stylish wooden partition very delicately separates it from the dining space although, to ensure a feeling of privacy.

Living Room with Trendy touches

The floor to ceiling wooden partition comprises of smart shelves for showcasing artifacts and thus contributes significantly to the aesthetics of this home. It contrasts the creamy white environment too, along with the sleek TV unit equipped with neat drawers and shelves. Sliding glass doors screened with white drapes bring in sunlight whenever required.

2 bhk flat design
Two bedroom apartment floor plans

Soothing bedroom with White Panels

Soothing brown and white bedding and elegant Italian flooring furniture make this bedroom simple but cosy. The wall unit is fuss-free, comes with space-saving sliding doors, a tall dressing mirror and a well-lit shelf for display-worthy items and it also acts as a prayer nook.

Smart bedroom For your Flat
Two bedroom apartment floor plans

Smart Ideas For your Flat

This open shelf is a perfect place for showcasing toys, family photos, artifacts and it is brightly lit too. The presence of divine figurines makes this a prayer nook too, while the drawers underneath offer tons of storage room. Don’t miss the panels of hooks fixed on the door for hanging clothes, belts and such.

Smart bedroom For your Flat
Two bedroom apartment floor plans

Lively and practical

A Blue Coloured and brown bedspread makes this bedroom cheerful and attractive. The storage solutions are impressive too. Crafted from white finish television panel , the floor to ceiling closet comes with white television panel to get dressed and has more than enough storage space. The large but sleek and trendy bed is also a wooden affair . From television and accessories to books, artworks and stationery, it holds all!

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